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Natural Mosquito Repellent: Lemon Eucalyptus Oil


When planning my trip to Peru, I was advised to take a mosquito repellent with 80 per cent Deet. Well, when I applied the repellent, I experienced a nasty allergic reaction. It was horrible, and instead used an indigenous product that was benign and affective. I have no idea what the ingredients are.

I have, since that episode, discovered that lemon eucalyptus is possibly the ideal natural solution for repelling mosquitoes.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released new guidance about effective mosquito repellents available in the United States. The updated guidance includes … oil of lemon eucalyptus – which have been shown to offer long-lasting protection against mosquito bites.

You can find natural mosquito repellent products with lemon eucalyptus in it or make your own with essential oil and a carrier oil such as jojoba.


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