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Peace or well-being


Humanity has been used, abused and manipulated since the beginning of human history by the elite. Yet all human life is temporary, even that of billionaires and victors of wars. The control freaks of the planet can only achieve some kind of perverted pleasure in their power, control and super-wealth for a brief period, since all humans’ final resting place is the graveyard.

The purpose of human life escapes those psychopaths who lust power over the world’s people and its resources. We live in the age of false-flag operations, assassinations, overthrows of governments and nations, the death and destruction of tens of millions of humans, perpetual lies and propaganda and the manipulation of humanity by the elite that rule the world.

Mainstream television news media is the enemy of humanity, because it is the greatest tool of mass-manipulation and propaganda the world has ever known, along with is sibling movie industry.

It is a fact that there is nothing about human systems that should not be overhauled, and that includes medicine and the drug industries, insurance, education, finance, legal, governments.


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