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Consumer slaves


I’m often amazed by people’s reactions to my personal philosophy. I’m unable to discuss with them the mainstream media’s lies: politics, violence, breakthroughs in medicine and pharmaceuticals, celebrity, sport, weather (the prototype format for a typical news programme world wide). They don’t want to hear of my my awareness of the manipulation practices to control and enslave people and the mainstream media’s role. In fact, they are outwardly uncomfortable and agitated.

It is professional liars who keep people in front of their televisions. Reading gossip magazines. Eating vast amounts of toxic food. Shopping – always shopping – for the latest fashions and trends. That’s the ideal for propagandists and great efforts are made to achieve and maintain that ideal. Anything that keeps the masses from organizing themselves and asking important questions about what their masters are up to.

The 1960s was a period of heightened awareness and rebellion against the establishment with students leading the resistance. But when the situation seemed to be getting out of hand the establishment ordered it to be stopped and the propagandists moved quickly to lead the young people away from dangerous protests into more fashionable protests. That was then. This is now. Fashion. Celebrity. Sex. Music. Technology. Any kind of revolution except the social revolution.

People are turned into consumer slaves who work to buy things they don’t need. These consumer slaves pay ‘taxes’ to their government for new weapons for pernicious invasions and occupations of other countries. People are encouraged to send their own children to fight them.


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