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The AGE of the New Media


As the US empire, supported by its NATO and other alliance toadies, has grown more out of control, more dangerous, and more insane, the mainstream media has functioned as a fourth branch of government, a gatekeeper for a totalitarian world. Yet, the world is starting to know the mainstream media’s complicity in erecting a sick and deranged world, that serves the elite and its bottom line at the same time.

Without control mechanism provided the mainstream media, governments will lose control of the masses. Increasing numbers of people now get their news from the Internet rather than television, and it is likely that in mere years most people will get all their news and information from the Internet because of their mistrust of the mainstream media, and rightly so.

My observations suggest that it is the cohort of golden agers who remain completely brainwashed by the mainstream media. Not all, of course. But many if not most. 

The New Media continues its take over, and have revolutionised how people get information. It wasn’t all that long ago that John Kerry and Zbigniew Brzezinski said that the Internet is making it hard for them to govern. Secretary of State, John Kerry, before a group of State Department workers told the audience that the world has been “complicated” by

… this little thing called the Internet and the ability of people everywhere to communicate instantaneously and to have more information coming at them in one day than most people can process in months or a year.

According to Kerry, the Internet “makes it much harder to govern, makes it much harder to organise people, much harder to find the common interest.” It is likely that public access to information stopped the US going to war with Syria.


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