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Emigration and propaganda


The emigrant experience to Australia for many is and was brutalising, and requires adjusting and adapting to a culture dominated by sport. Let’s not forget, the reason that Australians love sport is, of course, that sport has no linguistic content. The elite hate language and wage war against it—another thing Orwell taught us. Sport is therefore the ideal lowbrow entertainment from the point of view of jealous powerful elites, just as ballet is the ideal highbrow entertainment. Thus the pouring of huge resources into both by local, state, and federal governments.

This indoctrination process is powerful and life-long enduring. I’ve been amazed to rediscover long-lost emigrant friends trapped in the ‘sport’ paradigm. Their view of society determined and shaped by powerful political and corporate elites and communicated by the all powerful intrusive mainstream media. Typically, these misguided people embrace and robotically consume and relay the grime and slur of the dominant culture unquestioningly. 

The policies have changed and revised from assimilation to integration, to multiculturalism to post-multiculturalism. Yet, ultimately, the aim is to retain or regain power by these elites who pull the levers of Australian society.

What amazes me is that this power to control, manipulate, coerce, is potent. What difference have the exposes by the likes of Gore Vidal, Noam Chomsky, John Pilger made. To say none may be harsh. A little perhaps. Yet, ultimately, nothing what so ever. They may just as well remain silent.

The dominant all powerful elite remain the dominant all powerful elite. They continue to rule the roost. Our leaders know that they can successfully lie to us. Big lies! They lie to us constantly—because lies work as well or even better than facts do. Repeating lies works. Manipulation of the masses through a relentless never ending barrage of propaganda disguised as news and unremitting false advertising. We are given the illusion of free choice, when in reality the choices are being made for us by a chosen few who think they know what is best. These puppeteers controlling the strings inhabit the financial, government and corporate halls of power. Their purpose is not to benefit society and its citizens but to protect their wealth and influence, using any means at their disposal. Propaganda to control the minds of a wilfully uninformed public has been their most potent weapon.


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