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I love my Nokia 1800 even if it is not cool!


My brand new Samsung GT-I9500 Galaxy S4 smart ‘phone (recently purchased in Bangkok) is now to be found at the back of a draw and will soon find its way to my family or eBay. It works perfectly in every which way including the GPS (there was some doubt that the GPS would work). It is an electronic marvel but, simply put, I don’t want to cart it around. It’s too massive and pointless for my lifestyle. Whereas, my diminutive Nokia 1800 serves me well and will continue to do so. It is light, compact, friendly and remains charged for well over a week whereas the Samsung devise does not even last a day. (I see people on our trains lugging extra batteries to keep their smart ‘phones online.) The Nokia handles ‘phone calls and messages beautifully, and it’s reception is better than the Samsung in this tricky rural area of Victoria. Further, it is indestructible having gone through a full wash cycle. I had planned to take the Samsung as a replacement for my Nokia, Tablet PC, and camera. But, when I leave for Spain I will pack my Nokia, Tablet PC, and camera, as I’ve always done.


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