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It’s time to ditch your television set


The mainstream media and its primary propaganda instrument television is used for selling us everything from truth, to religion, and who we elect. It is wholly owned by our rulers to disempower the masses; by keeping us addicted to their television programming. Television is the medium used to push social agendas, to keep us divided, and distrusting those unlike us. Television is used to programme and condition those who watch it to be docile, obedient slaves to the system, it turns those brains into sludge. And, many pay for the privilege.

Why do we need the constant distraction of our attention, to something outside of ourselves? It is television’s purpose is to prevent us from discovering the secrets to creation that exist within us all.  The thing the rulers are distracting us from, is our self. The very last thing the rulers want, is for  us to be in touch with our spiritual self as we move from the Piscean age into Aquarius, the awakener, and shown that the emperor doesn’t have any clothes, and that any unreality upon which we have based our religious foundations will be shattered in the upcoming years.

If you love it here, in this paradigm, and think the world is sane and normal, then by all get back to your television set. If however, you are among those who sense, feel and see a better world awaiting us just an octave higher up in frequency resonance, then it is indeed time to put away your television set.


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