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Carl Gustav Jung on 22 October 1959 was interviewed by the BBC’s John Freeman for the programme Face to Face. Jung was 84. I well remember the theme music which was an excerpt from the overture to Berlioz’ uncompleted opera Les Francs-Juges. But more importantly the following exchange with Freeman:

… and did you believe in god?
Oh yes.
Do you now believe in god?
It’s difficult to answer. I know. I don’t need to believe. I know.

Like Jung I don’t “believe.” Belief involves second hand information and more often than not information with an agenda proscribed by the rulers: religious, commercial, military, political, and so forth. The agenda is disseminated by the mainstream media, and is worthless. It’s the nature of the shallow, consumer-driven, dream-drunken culture our society imposes on us that we adopt terms without knowing what they mean and, more often than not, they don’t mean much of anything. Nothing becomes manifest until the media endorses it. Nothing becomes real before people get the mainstream word on it. Belief is manipulated if not entirely manufactured: large portions of sports, entertainment news, and weather reports.

Knowledge is dangerous. I either know a thing or I don’t. I simply don’t belief. When I know something I don’t need to belief. I have been on a life-long quest for first-hand knowledge and that’s on-going through my spiritual practices: meditation and more recently by plant induced visions. Plant induced visions is high on my to do list.


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