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My search for a new home begins


I reside in, what is called an owners corporation, since September 2008. Our complex consists of 9 townhouses or ‘units’ going by the local vernacular. (After 5 years that term remains silly.) My search was via the Internet when living in London. I was familiar with Woodend and Google Earth was convenient to get a fix and impression of the actual location of the residential site which was ideal.

This is what I’ve learned as a resident owner of an owners corporation. Forget good manners and courtesies. In an owners corporation the majority rules. And the majority can be all number of things such as dysfunctional, self interested, misguided, power hungry, stubborn. Beware of this pitfall because if you have a dysfunctional majority you will be oppressed.

It has been oppressive to live according to the standards of the majority in our owners corporation, however heartfelt my neighbours’ demands and however right they think they are. The phrase ‘tyranny of the majority’ was coined for just such a state of affairs.  I give up. I admit defeat. I want out! My search begins.


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