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My post pilgrimage experience


You may think that someone walking some 4,600km requires an extended period of convalescence under medical supervision judging from various comments. It is simply not correct. (Have you noticed how often people are rushed to hospital following some minor or major rescue crisis, I wonder if they have any control over those situations? I suspect not!) I did not experience any physical wear and tear other than a nasty bout of bronchitis that responded to antibiotics. A typical question is concerned with rest days. The biblical notion of the Sabbath is irrelevant and unnecessary. It is clear that my body has the capacity to rejuvenate overnight following walking some massive daily distances. Thus the question of rest days does not arise.

However, I do experience a sense of loss and a drive to search for a new project(s). I have developed an interest in Ayahuasca as a way to propel myself forward. The sacred vine is a healer that shows the door of fractal worlds and impacting for people that have not had visions or seen the worlds the great teachers write about. (My visions are those experienced as a meditator taught and initiated by Geshe Acharya Thubten Loden and Ayya Khema.)

It is a brew made of natural plants indigenous to South America. It has been used for thousands of years as a purgative and as a healer of the body and the consciousness. It has been called “vine of the soul” for a reason. The most active component is DMT, which has a powerful effect on consciousness.

Persons drinking the brew often enter a trance state for several hours during which they experience visions or encounter hidden aspects of themselves: whatever the plant gives them, it is to support their personal journey. The brew is administered by a Shaman, and the participants are protected by the Shaman and the assistants. Sometimes a participant will have a celestial journey, sometimes a challenging one.[1]

I would leap on a plane for Peru barring the high fare cost, at this time. I’m faced with the tyranny of distance phenomena living in Australia. (Also, I’m suspicious of the extraordinary high cost of living here.)

My interest in the sacred vine goes back some 20 years. I recall meeting a Canadian Shaman and later a Brazilian woman who conducted Ayahuasca ceremonies in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Both were open about their work. Yet, I never followed through on their invitations. More recently, my interest was renewed and heightened following viewing Graham Hancock’s TED Talk, “The War on Consciousness” and reading his book, “Supernatural: Meetings with the Ancient Teachers of Mankind.” I have contacted several retreat centres in Peru and elsewhere offering Ayahuasca ceremonies.

[1] Ayahuasca – A Plant That Teaches:


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