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A prime ministerial update


Our prime minister is being harangued by Her Majesty’s opposition for some dodgy questionable casework as a practicing solicitor some 20 years ago. I have no idea if she engaged in illegal criminal practices or not. Yet, I won’t ever forget how she became Australia’s prime minister. Equally, I won’t ever forget her body language when in the company of the US president. She behaves like a randy intern ready to bend over to be sodomized by him. Surely, when on the world stage it is reasonable for our leader to be upright and serious about her role as supreme leader of this land and representative of the Australian people.

It is not difficult to connect the dots: a US marine base for 2,500 troops in Darwin, spy planes in the Cocos (Keeling) Islands and a recommendation for a US nuclear carrier task force base near Perth; no support for observer state status for Palestine; military containment of China and a preparedness to go to war with the US against China as indicated in a Wikileaks memorandum published by the Guardian; on-going dependence on US for military support and a huge materiel bill; maintaining our troops in Afghanistan despite the polls; declaring Julian Assange a criminal, and I could go on.

Yet, at this time Australian statesmen like former prime ministers Malcolm Fraser and Paul Keating are calling that our own skill, strength, diplomacy, wisdom, contribution to our region, our contribution to the overall security of that region—are what will secure Australia’s future. We need to be a nation acting independently with a mind and direction of our own and needs to be recognised as such.


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