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Two supreme scientific fraudsters


Italian prosecutors called for seven scientists to be jailed for failing to give adequate warning of the L’Aquila earthquake in 2009 that caused the death of 309 people and injured hundreds.

The prosecutors accused the scientists of offering ”an incomplete, inept, unsuitable and criminally mistaken analysis” of the tremors that rattled the mountain city in the days before the 6.3-magnitude earthquake.

The committee of geologists and volcanologists held a meeting in L’Aquila six days before the city and surrounding villages were devastated. They ruled it was impossible to determine whether the tremors would be followed by a large earthquake. Enzo Boschi, a member of the  committee and a former director of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology, told residents: ”I would reject [the possibility] of an earthquake.” Prosecutor Fabio Picuti described the committee’s advice  as ”banal, useless, self-contradictory and mistaken.” Picuti said: ”People died because of this phrase.”

My position is that I agree wholeheartedly with the action taken by the Italian prosecutors. I would go further and recommend that cancer research scientists be held to account for their failure to find cures for cancer(s) and ignore environmental causes. Despite this massive worldwide epidemic, there is no focus on the real culprits: poor diet and poisoning of the planet by petrochemical industries. Instead of preventing disaster, the focus stays on highly profitable and toxic ‘therapies’ to cure the mostly incurable.

Despite the general recognition that 85 per cent of all cancers is caused by environmental influences, less than 10 per cent of the US National Cancer Institute budget is given to environmental causes. Source: Cancer Research – A Super Fraud?

Preventive strategies, such as avoiding chemical exposures, receive virtually no consideration at all.

Let’s not forget that death from cancer increased from 64.0 persons per 100,000 in 1910 to 185.9 persons per 100,000 in 2010—a three-fold increase. How is that possible? What has caused this increase despite huge amounts of money spent on cancer research? The disease has steadily reached the point of seriously threatening the continuation of the human species.

Let’s face up to the reality that these blood suckers enjoy good salaries, job security, long holidays, regular trips (national and international) to conferences and seminars, and enjoy comfortable working conditions with little if any pressure or stress to achieve a result. And, the money keeps pouring in unabated.

A very well-founded fear of cancer by the public prompts armies of well meaning people to part with their cash in hopes of a cure. Cancer research money is the proverbial ‘pot of gold’ for armies of research facilities, charities, pharmaceutical companies, and lobbyists. Treating the sick and dying is big business.  Their money is wasted if not squandered. And, no one ever asks the fundamental question—what are these scientists striving for other than a cosy career?

… still the money pours in for “Cancer Research” from kind-hearted, well-meaning people in spite of the fact that the much-advertised “cures” and “discoveries” invariably turn out, year after year, to be no cure at all but rather an aggravation of the trouble, the proof of this being the steady increase of the disease on all sides…

Surely there should be some result to show as a partial excuse for the torturing of so many animals…the public still does not realise that nothing is likely to happen, no progress ever likely or even possible whilst the research is done on demonstrably wrong lines. ~Morley Steynor, 1940

Think twice before donating to anti-cancer charities. Many people put their faith in charity organizations dutifully donating money. Consider the range of conflicts of interests: ties to and financial support from, the pesticide-, petrochemical-, biotech-, cosmetics-, and junk food industries—the very industries whose products are contributors to cancer that ultimately threaten the continuation of the human species.


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