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Conformists Australia


I’m distressed by the dominant Australian culture. My escape is ABC Classic FM. It is the only bright spot in this disgusting media world of bigots and propagandisers. The women fronting the dominant media speak with a nostril clenching Australian accent to which is added a layer of vocal fry. Of course, this manner of speech is copied by young woman everywhere with few exceptions.

Australia remains a provincial and suffocating place bent on sports (from the side-lines, of course)— a nation of conformists who enjoy liberties and they are exceptionally good at ridiculing and silencing progressive politics that could bring about further freedoms. People are either too lazy, or  too dull to imagine a collective future that is different to the present one. I hope it is the former, but the latter is evidenced by our selection of political representatives and an ambivalence towards participatory politics.

Think about why you want to own a house. You think “renting is flushing money down the toilet.” You might think “house ownership is ‘roots’ for your family.” Why do you think these things? Isn’t it suspicious to you that everyone else says the same clichés? Does it make sense at all that there is a big industry that wants you to own a house? Banks, the government, home builders, furniture makers, real estate agents, etc. are all the priests and ministers of that religion. Don’t you think a part of that big industry’s profit goes into hammering again and again the marketing message that you need to own a house? This is about hypnosis. Why we believe, at the bottom of our hearts, the things that are told to us that have such obvious agendas. This is an example of the propagandise machine and its commentators.

Commentators ensure that the public holds a particular view on a subject at any point in time—regardless. We are not permitted to form individual views or opinions on anything: politics, sport, whatsoever. We are told what our opinions are.

Submerged in a culture defined by the educational and informational dictates of our leaders and their interests, many of us cannot recognse when we are being lied to or misled. And, if someone tries to tell us what is happening, they sound so odd, so out of place, that we are made anxious and annoyed. So much so that, in the end, we don’t raise a finger when the messenger is hounded into silence.

I recently hinted an interest in taking over the editorial role for my U3A. Well. almost immediately, I received an email that stated, “Please note: the [newsletter] must not be used to push items of a political or sectarian nature nor is it to be used as a means for any one person’s particular “hobby-horse.”” The committee’s anxiety was palpable. Of course, my course of action was to reply by telling them my interest had evaporated on receipt of the email. Let me out of here!


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