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Everything peddled by politicians, media, banks and television goes beyond propaganda and is make-belief

  • The “War on Terror” is a fabrication. There is no terrorism other than what governments create to sell its agenda.
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s war on West Nile virus is a fabrication. There is no real West Nile virus threat.
  • The “economic recovery” of the US is a fairy tale. The federal debt recently reached US$16 trillion. Unemployment is at record high. Half the population is on aid of one form or another. Food stamp costs have skyrocketed.
  • Health insurance costs increased after the passage of the US’s “Affordable Care Act.”
  • Bin Laden wasn’t killed by US Navy Seals. The war is a fake. The news is faked. The media is utterly faked, running fictional stories. Newspapers run fake stories like “organic foods are no healthier than conventional foods.”
  • The FBI plans and carries out fake terror plots across the US and elsewhere.
  • Big Pharma’s ads are faked, promoting prescription drugs based on faked clinical studies.
  • The processed food you buy is faked: fake colours, fake flavours, fake marketing claims, fake chemical ingredients. All the nutrients are processed out, leaving “fake food.”
  • Geopolitical lines are fake. The lines that outline states, counties and countries on a map don’t exist in the real world.
  • The “cure for cancer” is not real. No one is looking for a cancer cure that would put the entire cancer industry out of business!
  • Vaccine mythology is faked. There is no immunity granted by the injection of “attenuated” viral strains combined with stealth cancer viruses and chemical adjuvants. Vaccines are “medical theatre” that don’t work. The “vaccine science” is faked by the drug companies, and a matter of public record from whistle blower scientists who worked on vaccines and spiked the clinical blood samples with animal antibodies.
  • Airport security is fake. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) molestations haven’t caught a single terrorist.
  • Government power is an illusion. It’s a bluff. The government only has power because people believe it does. Hence the need for costumes (uniforms) and sparkly, shiny objects (badges) to mesmerize the gullible masses.
  • The stock market as a fair investment device is faked. As the Facebook initial public offering (IPO)  proved, Wall Street is a rigged game for insiders to loot gullible investors.

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