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So, you want to walk the via Francigena: the Way of the Heart.


The via Francigena is the Way of the Heart. So, you’re interested in walking the via Francigena but not sure where to start gathering information. Begin by familiarising yourself with these three resources, and start harvesting information to ensure your pilgrimage. Your journey will take you across: England, France, Switzerland, Italy to arrive at the Basilica of St Peter, Vatican.

I will be standing by for any questions you might have.

Pilgrimages are walking zen; step by step the practitioner makes his or her way through blue sky temples and white  cloud monasteries. Conducted in the traditional manner – on foot, in old-fashioned garb, carrying no money, accepting whatever comes – pilgrimages are among the most demanding, and therefore most rewarding, of all religious disciplines. (Martin Roth & John Steven, p. 108, 1985)

May God direct your steps toward tranquillity and keep you from the hands of every foe. May you be safe from all misfortune on this earth. May God grant you mercy in his eyes and in the eyes of all who see you. (Julie Orringer, 2010, The Invisible Bridge, London: Penguin Group, p. 15)


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