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A nation of worriers


Any visitor to Australia will be struck by how beset it is by worry.  If it isn’t the stream of insurance advertisements concerning what to do with the funeral expenses heaped upon the living by the dearly departed (“No worries, we got it covered!”), it’s the barrage of militant metaphors about invasion.  Paradise is under siege, and those haphazard boats with human cargo are to blame. ~Binoy Kampmark

I recall my young life in Australia that began in the 1950s with worry over the pending invasion by Indonesians—the yellow peril. A sophisticated over-the-horizon-radar tracking installation was built (at great expense) in northern Australia to monitor this pending onslaught. There was the earlier close call with the slant eyed Japs’ attempt to invade via Darwin on 19 February 1942 (then a a small town with limited civil and military infrastructure). Of course, the US saved the day and continues to receive carte blanch access (military bases in their various guises and functions (no questions asked) to continue protecting Australia from all and sundry nasty invaders that include the number one suspect China (Australia’s largest customer) and probably also India (Australia’s second largest customer) and no doubt there are others waiting in the global wings ready to invade, so we are told by those reliable ‘truthful experts.’ Of course, there is a price to pay for this protection by the US marshal as Australia bends over to be sodomized by the US. It doesn’t come cheap: a hefty arms and military bill; to be available at the US’s beak and call to sacrifice our youths (Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. Which is next? Iran? Syria? Take your pick.); and an increasing dilution of Australia’s sovereignty.

Yes, the lucky country is a nation of worriers, and increasingly so. Australians feel no shame  handing over their minds to unscrupulous selfish power hungry leaders to be confused and mystified. That view may be unkind but it is so. Australians prefer to turn their attention to sports events, cheap knockabout television political debate shows and other forms of comatosing infotainment. People are willing to accept at face value any agenda put to them. Yet, to be fair, the public cannot know the reality. They are  not  allowed to know. They are kept in fear and in the dark and deceived by politicians and the media that churn out increasingly tired-sounding clichés.


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