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How is it possible that so many people think the same things?


Have you ever wondered how it’s possible that so many people you know think the same things? Isn’t it suspicious that they all say the same? Doesn’t this suggests that we voluntarily acquiesce to perceived authority figures’ suggestions without critical analysis or sufficient research to understand the ramifications of that decision. By failing to do so we undermine our own individuality and willingly give up our rights. People fallaciously appeal to authority and believe or do what they are told by perceived authority figures viewed as trustworthy. Consider the corruption of those systems we are repeatedly told to trust: social services that oppress rather than empower; a police force that is at best ineffectual and at worst abusive; capitalism.

We are deliberately indoctrinated – and not solely by the left – into the belief that voting is the same thing as liberty. Whereas, state control of information and the ability to manipulate it makes the right to vote largely meaningless.

Propaganda is contemptible control over the people. It’s like watching people acting on incomplete information – in other words, humiliating themselves. Lying by perceived authority figures  who are viewed as trustworthy is so commonplace and yet it is perceived as an astonishing thing.

Submerged in a culture defined by the educational and informational dictates of our leaders and their interests, many of us cannot recognise when we are being lied to or misled. And, if someone [like me] tries to tell us what is happening, they sound so odd, so out of place, that we are made anxious and annoyed. So much so that, in the end, we don’t raise a finger when the messenger is hounded into silence.


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