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Two videos to bring a smile to your face


I enjoyed watching these two videos, and they may bring a smile to your face like they did mine. Ursula Martinez and Amy Gordon are absolutely fabulous if not totally outrageous and deranged. In particular, The audience reactions are a joy to behold: ranging from amazement, disbelief, embarrassment, to sheer joy.

1. Ursula Martinez
Ursula Martinez is a London-based writer, performer, and cult cabaret diva. A disappearing handkerchief magic routine in which each piece of clothing that hides the handkerchief is discarded until she is bare naked except for high heels.

2. Kazoochee
Amy Gordon is an Australian explosive virtuoso who performs physical, musical, stand-up and improvisational comedy. In this performance, she most creatively and unusually plays America the Beautiful on three Kazoos. G whiz. This lady is incredibly highly skilled, sexy dangerous, with an edge. None can match the sheer hilarity of Amy’s expressive face. The white shoulder bag is sheer genius.

This comment is from the YouTube website: 

Wow! That lady is hot, funny and uninhibited. I like her pink panties. She can teach me to play the kazoo anytime she wants. I bring my own kazoo.


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