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An act of treachery, if not total stupidity.


Anna Maria Bligh (born 14 July 1960) is the 37th Premier of Queensland from 2007 to 2012. At the 24 March 2012 election, Labor’s 51 seats plummeted to eight.
Anna is a descendant of Vice Admiral William Bligh who is famous for the Mutiny on the Bounty and being the 4th Governor of New South Wales.

Vice Admiral William Bligh must be turning if not spinning in his grave: he died in Bond Street, London on 6 December 1817 and was buried in a family plot at St Mary’s Church, Lambeth (the church is now the Garden Museum). His tomb, notable for its use of Lithodipyra (Coade stone), is topped by a breadfruit. I recall asking for permission to enter the Garden Museum with the sole purpose to take some photographs of Captain Bligh’s grave. The chap replied, “Surely, you mean Vice Admiral Bligh.”  I stuttered an apology and he allowed me to enter. That was both precious and memorable.

I hope that the banana benders can face the world with a clear conscious following this act of treachery, if not total stupidity.


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