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My improved Google Reader


I will not go anywhere near the mass media for news, information, events and such like, and haven’t done so for many years – not since the advent of the RSS reader that coincided with my awakening to the systematic propagation of information or ideas by factors together, reflecting the multi-levelled capability of the all powerful arcane, interconnected world of multinational corporations, government departments, think tanks and collectives to exert power over the flow of information.

My RSS reader of choice is Google Reader and I’m currently subscribed to 93 websites, and that’s a tad too many. My total switch from the mass media to these many and disparate sites continues to hold my attention to the many forms of abuse and manipulation by the elite. Our leaders made a discovery of the sort that changes the destiny of nations – that they can successfully lie to us. Big lies! They lie constantly – because lies work as well or even better than facts do. Repetition works. Effective propaganda comes from experienced, skilled technicians. Think of this as political infrastructure, factories of disinformation.

Anyway, my preferred browser is Mozilla Firefox 11.0a2 with Greasemonkey userscript: Google reader absolutely customizable 3.10.2011.1130, and Extension: Google redesigned 1.0. This is a fabulous and creative combination.


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