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Humans go insane when faced with strangers arriving in their country


I’m intrigued that ordinary people are so worked-up over others who are different to themselves. Please note, different does not imply better or worse. Different is simply that – different. How then is this negativity towards others possible or manipulated, for that matter, and for what purpose?

Humans go insane when faced with strangers arriving in their country – people different to themselves are viewed as illegal invaders ready to take or is that steal scarce resources from the residents. And, let’s not forget change the nation’s culture with their strange ways of being! The manufactured “crisis” surrounding asylum seekers arriving in rickety boats in Australia is the case in point here.

Humans are simply put not evolved to live in a nation state: their mental capacity reverts to the reptilian cortex of the caveman brain when manipulated by scurrilous political leaders seeking to retain or regain power. How to get food, ritual display, territorial dominance — these are part of being a resident of a nation state, and we’ve assigned it to the most primitive part of the brain that makes snap fight-or-flight decisions reflected by their willingness to support politicians who promise to deal with these unwanted miscreants arriving on their precious territory.

We may label the condition racism, xenophobia or patriotism, for that matter, an attitude that’s easily and commonly inflamed and abused by the rhetoric of political leaders and propagated by the mass media.


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