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Humans are not evolved to drive a motorcar


Humans go insane when driving a motorcar. Humans are simply put not evolved to drive a motorcar: their mental capacity reverts to the reptilian cortex of the caveman brain. How to get food, ritual display, territorial dominance — these are part of driving a motorcar, and we’ve assigned it to the most primitive part of the brain that makes snap fight-or-flight decisions. Our mental capacities just bottom out when driving a motorcar. In the year 2000 there were some 1.26 million deaths worldwide. Only God knows the huge number injured.

The dominant culture tells us that car ownership is essential. The motorcar is exalted and people are manipulated and eager to buy and own such deadly machines. Political leaders bend over to be sodomised by the auto industry to attract motorcar manufacturing plants to their patch. And, of course, the media responds by propagating the lies. Australia’s news broadcasts and their viewing public relish daily fatal motorcar events as highly newsworthy and entertaining – as do finger-wagging police chiefs who admonish the motoring public but only elevate the event as high drama.

Dead pedestrians are typically presented as old confused tossers or inebriated or a combination of both – people who had no right to step (or is that trespass) onto the roadway. Society is told that the fault lies with the dead or injured – seldom if ever with the motorist. Millions are spend on advertising to promote and propagate that lie: a blatantly silly awful message.

I have an interest to promote walking in this car culture that is promised freedom, sex, happiness but instead delivers death, injury and enslavement. There is much to do to encourage people to walk and that requires action for a safe attractive walking infrastructure, a genuine user friendly public transport system, and much much else. My campaign continues!


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