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Get out of my way you fuck’n bastard!


I’m angry and want to scream. Yesterday I had another near miss and came close adding yet another fatal pedestrian statistic. I’m annoyed by this stupid idiotic car culture that is promised freedom, sex, happiness by the dominant corporate world but delivers little if anything.

I’m viewed by Australian motorists as fair game along with kangaroos (corpses are strewn everywhere) that dare enter their asphalt domain. In 2008 there were 193 fatal pedestrian automobile ‘accidents’ – an oxymoron if ever there was one. A typical motorist would never adjust their speed when faced with a pedestrian (such as I) crossing or walking along an awkward verge of a rural unsealed road or anywhere else for that matter. This is unheard of and scoffed at and simply not understood. “Get out of my way you fuck’n bastard!” is a typical outcry. These people are bewildered and perplexed that anyone would dare invade and transgress their space. That is not recommended in Australia if you want to live! Australians are the most brutal and stupid motorists I have ever encountered, and the planet’s most underdeveloped.

Including the dead pedestrians a total of 1,464 people died on Australia’s roads that year. Australia’s news broadcasts and the public relish these daily fatal automobile events as highly newsworthy and entertaining – as do finger-wagging police chiefs who admonish the motoring public but only elevate the event as high drama.

Motorists ensconced in their air conditioned reclined space have lost the skill to communicate with the outside world. They don’t understand the need to communicate with a low-life pedestrian such as I once inside their cocoon that advertisers have promised much. As a pedestrian I would like to be assured that the motorist is aware of my intention and signals accordingly. Australians do not understand the need for this nor for that matter that headlights can be used for that purpose. How is that possible given that thousands of Australians each year travel the world? Conformity, I suspect, is a possible answer but there are others. That leads to a review of social identity and stereotype theory but that will have to wait for another time. In the meantime take care on Australia’s highways and byways.


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