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My twitchy mouse and myopia


Three years ago, my son’s partner returned to study and when an assignment was due her PC literally exploded in a cloud of sparks and acrid smoke and she rushed out and purchased a new one. Just like that! She arrived on my doorstep with the PC and explained what had happed and offered it to me. I gladly took over the malfunctioning computer running Windows XP Home Edition. I opened the case and cleaned the accumulated dust and checked the various connections and replaced the power supply. I closed the case and hooked up the myriad of cables and soon the PC was up and running. Next, I reformatted the hard drive and installed Windows 7 Ultimate and a host of essential favourite programmes.

Fast forward three years. My mouse began to behave erratically: a single click was mysteriously transformed to a double click and that was an irritating problem above all else. My focus was on mouse drivers which I updated, and such like, but which did not rectify the problem. Not at all. I searched the web for a solution. No matter how I approached it the problem remained. After several weeks, I shifted my focus from software to hardware, and a new Microsoft USB Basic Optical Mouse v2.0 (IntelliPoint) did the trick. There’s a lesson in there somewhere!


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