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Australia votes a carbon tax into law


And so it came to pass here in Australia that a small band of the selfish or deluded came to steal the blood, sweat and toil of the many by voting into law a carbon tax. They lied, broke solemn promises, failed to provide evidence, and displayed a singular lack of good-manners. They viciously insulted anyone who disagreed with them, they hid the models the public were forced to pay for, they gave patrons highly paid jobs to propagandise their scheme. Whereas, the polls show the public would not have elected people who wanted to bring in a carbon tax.

What motivated these politicians to introduce this tax: what caused them to come to a consensus and act, in this instance? It’s all about power. The retention and expansion of political power, no matter what their ostensible ideological orientation. The politicians, in short, are in it to stay in it and that required giving lip service to the Greens and disparate independents for their support: they are in the business of acquiring and keeping power, and that is what motivates them in all matters foreign and domestic.

They speak arrant nonsense as if it is the bleeding obvious: telling us that we will grow rich if we use energy that costs more; that coal miners are to blame for heavy rain; that more taxes will bring investors; that we’ll lose jobs if we don’t pay more than we need to for energy; or that 6.98 billion people will follow the 0.02 billion who lead us on the path to the Land of Stupid. All disparate brands of ideological snake-oil, that boiled down to their essence, are just naked self-interest coloured with various shades of rhetorical mumbo-jumbo. Actually, I’m tired of the lies, propaganda, bullshit, deceit, corruption, manipulation by these horrible people who wish to remain in power: all else follows from this basic proposition.


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