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Positive ageing: a brief wakeup call


Let’s face it, humans have a infinite capacity to learn, adapt, adjust and evolve and grow for the whole of our lives. However, that fact is often denied, distorted, compromised and reflects an abhorrent and misguided stupidity by individuals and experts alike, and requires a wakeup call.

  • Ignore the messages from the dominant cultural institutions. Be aware as these are primarily clever propaganda and not worthy of your attention.
  • Live Healthy WELLthy and Wise lives.
  • Get of your arse and start exercising.
  • How you feel is important as a sensation and as an indicator for the present moment, but is uncontrollable: we don’t create feelings, feelings happen to us. Since feelings do not cause our behaviour, we can coexist with unpleasant feelings while still taking purposeful living action. Accept your emotions as they are and do what needs to be done.
  • Familiarise yourself with the positive ageing model.
  • Change what you eat – Change the world – Go vegan!
  • Discover meaningful purposes for your life and once discovered live purposefully so you can accomplish them.
  • Rediscover your religious/spiritual practices of meditation and prayer.

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