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Deterring asylum seekers and corrupting decent home societies


Asylum seekers are unwanted and that’s a universal truth of this unsympathetic and deluded world. Consider that asylum seekers are: detained, jailed, forcibly separated from children and loved ones, forcibly removed to other lands (e.g., Australia’s current irreverent policy), not recognised as refugees, kept in limbo as cases are considered at an absolute snails pace and some may never be considered, not permitted to work, denied access to basic community services, and subject to the whims and fortune of non-government organisations who ultimately respond to and comply with governmental policies and demands.

National authorities resort to these policies to scare away potential asylum seekers arriving on their soil, so that these people reconsider their situations. However, these scare tactics have been largely unsuccessful to persuade people to remain in their homeland or wherever they may be at any time. Their plight is usually much worse than the horrors experiences by their peers.

Governments, non-government organisations, special interest groups, and an acquiescent media  is there on tap to corrupt decent home societies to go along with the latest crazy stupid anti-asylum seeker policy or scheme. Their brazen lies are often not challenged or rather believed as truth and reality. These nasty despicable lies are designed to scare and reinforce the base xenophobic, unsophisticated, ill-informed attitudes of people residing in a few ‘marginal’ constituencies that ultimately decide elections’ outcomes. As people have become more aware, propaganda has become more and more sophisticated. Propaganda is defined as the dissemination of information, but more specifically, it connotes the dissemination of information for the purposes of persuasion and advocating an agenda.

  • Repetition: Messages are continuously propagated to take hold within the collective consciousness.
  • Simplicity: Messages are designed to appeal and be understood by all. The simple lie always conquers the complex truth.
  • Sentiment: Messages contains little if any detail and appeal to emotions or sentiments. The minimal detail allows quicker processing while the sentiment reinforces it. Logic or fact are absent as these only cloud the force of the message. Any logic or fact, if included, is simple and the use of clichés and platitudes are effective.
  • Imagery: The most powerful propaganda is embedded within appealing imagery that’s pictorial or descriptive.

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