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My upcoming projects


I have three exciting projects that are upcoming in Australia, and one terrifies me: learning to paraglide in the Spring of 2011 in Bright, Victoria. However, that’s subject to my successfully persuading a trainer to accept me as his student. He and his two colleagues had considered me too old.

It’s Mystic Lane that takes you up to Mystic Hill with its launching pad from which paragliders launch themselves into the blue-yonder. The sky awash with their vibrant colours, and I was smitten by their effortless beauty, grace and serenity!

The other two projects involve long-distance walking: The Great South West Walk of 250-km in Victoria is scheduled for March 2012 (a group walk); and the following month I plan to leave for Perth, Western Australia to walk solo to my Woodend home in Victoria – a distance of some 3,300-km. I will push some 50-kg of gear in a Baby Jogger Performance pram that is similar to the one used by Deanna Sorensen to cross Australia from west to east in 2008. The vehicle is essential to carry sufficient food, water and other paraphernalia given the paucity of available supplies and accommodation along vast human-absent tracts of the route.

I’m temporarily shifting my attention away from my outstanding journey to Jerusalem, Israel but not entirely. If all goes well, I hope to resume that in 2013.


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