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The premier lie

The plaque says that if you “are easily discouraged,” don’t be, for there is a man who: Failed in business in 1831; was defeated for the legislature in ’32; again failed in business in ’34; his sweetheart died in 35; had a nervous breakdown in ’36; was defeated in an election in ’38; was defeated in a run for Congress in ’43; was defeated in a run for Congress in ’46; was defeated in a run for Congress in ’48; was defeated in a run for the U.S. Senate in ’55; defeated for vice president in ’56; defeated for senate again in ”58 . . . I would add that this man also had several mental illnesses; his friends took all knives out of his house for fear he would commit suicide; wrote poems about suicide; and took “medicine” for depression that included a heavy dose of mercury, which was said at the time to cause “violent mood swings,” among other things. “That man was Abraham Lincoln,” says the plaque. The alternative interpretation, of course, is that in politics and government, society’s losers and misfits rise to the top.

Governments are founded on the “premier lie.” This lie applies regardless of party affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation or whatever. All governments—past and present–are founded on the “premier lie:” politicians in power will represent the interests of the powerless.

The “premier lie” imagines selfish, power-seeking, egoistic politicians, upon achieving electoral success, transmuting into humble, compassionate, ethical “representatives of the powerless people.” The presstitudes role is to propagate the lie and convince people that a politicians’ drive for power vanishes when elected, and is replaced by love for powerless people, even at the expense (sacrifice) of their own careers or personal wealth. Recent historical events challenge the myth that our politicians care about us and protect us and keep us safe. Their goal is to do the will of their masters. That way, politicians can maintain their positions of prominence and power in government for as long as they possibly can. Thus, will electing an opposition candidate make any difference or any candidate for that matter? Never!

Further, politicians want us to believe that they are “serving their nation,” and are not leveraging power for their personal aims. They spin the lie that they are running for office in the hope of “serving their nation” but never for serving their own lust for power. Let’s be realistic, anyone who seeks power covets it for themselves.

The very idea that people in power can be representatives of those who are powerless is absurd on its face. Everyone, individuals and groups of people make decisions in their own self interest. Everyone’s aim is to increase their own size, power and influence.

That philosophy pervades the halls of all national capitols, where the claim of “serving the people” is nothing more than a sales pitch to get elected so that real power can be wielded against those whom they claim to represent. Even the most corrupt government regimes claim to represent the interests of the common people.

Politicians–with a few–notable exceptions–are little more than legislative prostitutes for big corporate interests. Those who seek power almost always covet it exclusively for themselves.

The servile presstitutes learned the propaganda lessons well as did the mainstream media prostitutes in the West: If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe the premier lie, and it enters the realm of the cliché. However, the lie can be maintained only so long as the controllers can shield people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It is important for the controllers to use their powers to repress dissent, for truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the controllers.


Two Thousand and Sixteen


The illuminati will never ever permit the United Kingdom to leave the European Union. Brexit is presented to the public like a boiled egg—hard, soft or medium—designed to satisfy a wide range of stakeholders, and provide the presstitutes with a platform. Yet, the Brexit crowd need to prepare for disappointment. It won’t happen. Nations such as Greece, Spain and others would have bailed out years ago if exiting the European Union was possible then. Despite all the speculation then by smart intelligent people–It is not possible. It never was and is not now.

The European Union is the core, the central universe of the new world order (NWO). It’s programme consists of ongoing enlargement and control by enveloping more and more willing and not so willing nations. Shrinkage will never be tolerated, of that I’m certain.

To allow the United Kingdom to leave the European Union is an anathema. Such an outcome is prevented by: secret societies in the grip of the illuminati and other mysterious entities, NATO, and coercion in its various forms leading to mysterious death and disappearances. Further, the illuminati have the power to manipulate and control markets and create false flags (this is common practice) to influence any recidivists or other malingering activists. These are dangerous risky times for those influential Brexit supporters. Reread George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four—now is a good time.

Riding the rockets of the new world order

Australia has lost its status as a sovereign nation to the US with its military ties guaranteeing we will “ride the rockets” with them in the event of a nuclear nightmare. ~Oliver Stone (16 June 2017) Putin Interviews

Is is clear that the world is sleepwalking toward a nuclear war/disaster and Australia, of all nations, is in the box seat, according to President Vladimir Putin. Dr Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb, could thus actually happen as the US military’s focus is on a first strike opportunity to take out Russia’s nuclear capability. In the meantime NATO is preparing and expanding its missile “defence shield” that represents a threat and discomfort to Russia’s national security, and that that makes the risk of an accident a real and likely outcome.

Australia is a vassal or you might even say hostage of the US empire. They are certainly not allies given the reality of US’s surveillance of its allies and its coercive power suggest otherwise. Australia is too “thick and deeply” beholden to the US against Russia. Consider that the Australia–United States relations are formalised by the ANZUS treaty and the Australia–United States Free Trade Agreement. Further, the Australia-United States defence alliance is an array of information sharing [sic], personnel exchanges, combined exercises and shared engagement with partner nations across the Indo-Pacific and new collaborative efficiencies, evident in the Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty of 16 May 2013.

It is clear that Australia does not enjoy the privilege of total sovereignty. Within the framework of military-political alliances, trade agreements and so forth. It is restrained on official terms that determines what is allowed and what is not allowed. And in practice, it is even harsher. Australia must not do anything that is not allowed by the rulers. Australia must comply! And who is giver or denier of that permission? The rulers and transmitted by the US authorities. Australia is thus subject to the forces of the new world order (NWO). A situation that requires compliance or else. Thus the New World Order is not coming, as is commonly predicted, it’s already here.

Putin said in a recent interview with Oliver Stone “I don’t see the sovereignty in Australia. I imagine you have a feeling about it, you think you have it but certainly if you get dragged into something you will be right there with America, riding the rockets.” However, that view of Australia’s lack of sovereignty is true globally. It applies equally to our entire planet.

Agents of truth

The battle for history has been largely lost and the people are silenced. What should we do to counteract this state of affairs? Read, share, distribute, listen. That’s what you should do. But first, turn away from the vile mainstream media: one of the ways (the principle method) by which the rulers maintains order and compliance.

Subversive information is the most potent power of all. No one must fall into the trap of believing that the mainstream media speaks for the public. That wasn’t true in Stalinist
Czechoslovakia and it isn’t anymore true in Donald Trump’s United States.

Yet, the public are seeing through the concealed role of the mainstream media. If you are like most people walking our earth, at this time, you are also aware of certain glimmers and suspicions, of the true nature/reality of our world. When, in fact, our world is nothing like you and others think it is. People are betrayed and need truth, and journalists ought to be the agents of truth not the courtiers of power. Journalists need to ask themselves about the role they play in the bloodshed in the name of a bogus objectivity. Such a movement within the mainstream media could herald a perestroika of a kind we’ve never known. This is possible but fragile.

There are wonderfully knowledgeable determined free spirits who populate the alternative media web. I can’t mention them all here. But look them up and start sharing.

  • David Icke
  • David Stockman
  • James Corbett
  • John Pilger
  • Jon Rappoport
  • Lew Rockwell
  • Mike Adams   
  • Paul Craig Roberts
  • Richie Allen

Wakeup and be kind to each other!

Mass Surveillance of Australian Citizens

Under the 2012 Defence Trade Controls Act law, “supplies of technology” come under a censorship regime involving criminal penalties of up to ten years imprisonment. One commentator has suggested that it has potential to “[catch] open source privacy software, information security research and education, and the entire computer security industry in its snare.” [1]

A 2015 bill claimed that the government had a right to carry out very broad warrantless mass surveillance of electronic media, including banning warrant canaries. The powers claimed were so broad that they have been called “nearly unlimited.” [2]

As of 2017, Australia was continuing to expand mass surveillance, spending $18.5M on iOmniscient, a system which “works by analysing images recorded by existing CCTV cameras.” [3]





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The quality of Australian TV advertising

Obnoxious advertising is embedded into all Australian TV programmes and that includes the ABC. The scale of the advertising  leaves little if any space for actual programmes. No matter, much are cheap re-re-re-re-runs anyway, and then there are cheap fishing, cooking, travel and similar junk programmes, and then there are news programmes that propagate the lies and omissions demanded by the masters. These ‘expert’ news establishment broadcasts occupy the bulk of daily broadcasting with their blue screen technology. Everything is cheap and obnoxious and furthermore their awful blatant lies are invisible to many. Total lies.

John Pilger: The Invisible Government

There is no escape from being bombarded by screaming advertising lunatics other than by switching of. Australian TV is nothing more that a miserable platform to bombard viewers with advertising. It’s my impression that many if not all Australians refer to TV advertising as ‘commercials.’ Not advertising. The public is overloaded with propaganda and ‘commercial’ may make the bitter advertising pill easier to swallow. This technique may also ease the pain of being trapped and enslaved to the banks and other institutions.

Who are the terrorists?

The Neo-conservatives used George W. Bush, Tony Blair, and The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) to destroy in whole or part seven sovereign nations: Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Syria, by murdering, maiming, and displacing millions of Muslims. General Wesley Clark. Of course, one has to add the US/UK invasion of Afghanistan. And, let’s not forget that ex president Barack Obama bombed Somalia throughout his presidency. He not only relentlessly bombed Yemen, but also supported the Saudi-led coalition’s brutal assault on Yemen’s civilian population.

The US and its allies are perpetrating a “Perpetual War,” “Endless War,” or “The Forever War” that is a lasting state of war with no ending conditions. These wars are situations of ongoing tension that may escalate at any moment (e.g., WWIII) similar to the situation of the Cold War.

It is extraordinary how little terrorism this massive crime against Muslims has caused. All of the terrorism is the terrorism of the Western alliance against Muslims in seven and more sovereign nations. Yet, according to the Israelis, Palestinians have been terrorizing innocent Jews since the 1940s. If true, all to no effect as Palestine literally no longer exists. Indeed, Palestine is now a ghetto routinely terrorized by Israel.

When will we wake up to the violence and the never ending deaths, terrorism, the bomb attacks. Surely, we demand  peace, now more than ever before. This is something pure, something worth striving for. A real cause to keep us engaged. Beyond cynicism. A cause to be passionate and political about.

Your are intelligent enough to know that bombers didn’t appear from out of the blue. Anger and hate have emerged from a sense of injustice and futility. From unjust wars. We demand peace, desperately. There’s been enough killing. Wake up and make peace the plan for this century.